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Feb 12, 2020

骊住中国水科技集团(LIXIL Water Technology)于2月9日宣布向武汉市捐赠一批包括医用口罩、防护镜和防护服等在内的医疗物资,以驰援奋战在抗击新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情一线的武汉医务人员。 上海2020年2月10日 /美通社/ — 骊住中国水科技集团(LIXIL Water Technology)于2月9日宣布向武汉市捐赠一批包括医用口罩、防护镜和防护服等在内的医疗物资,以驰援奋战在抗击新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情一线的武汉医务人员。目前武汉医疗防护物资仍非常紧缺,骊住中国水科技集团通过日本集团总部紧急采购了这批医疗物资。目前,它们已从日本到达国内,正被送往武汉市协和医院及金银潭医院,旨在为白衣天使续能。 骊住中国水科技集团驰援武汉 自从新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情在武汉等地发生以来,全中国万众一心,共克时艰。为了打赢这场“战疫”,无数医务人员无惧艰险,日夜奋战在抗击疫情前线。骊住中国水科技集团始终高度关注疫情,并迅速通过实际行动支持防控工作,竭尽所能,紧急调拨,致力保障医务人员的健康安全。不仅如此,骊住中国水科技集团还积极通过各种线上科普,倡导卫浴洁净安全习惯,帮助民众做好居家防疫,守护大众的居家健康。 骊住中国水科技集团驰援武汉 骊住中国水科技集团旗下品牌包括高仪、美标、伊奈、骊住橱柜、骊住整体卫浴等,长期以来致力于提供具有开创性的卫浴和住宅产品,帮助全球各地消费者应对日常实际生活中的各种挑战,帮助他们创造更美好的居家生活。作为一家具有企业社会责任的公司,骊住中国水科技集团为爱续能,全“骊”以赴,并将对疫情保持持续关注,为白衣天使加油,为武汉加油,为中国加油。 关于骊住 骊住集团是一家国际化卫浴与家装产品制造商,我们的产品旨在帮助全球各地消费者应对日常实际生活中的各种挑战,帮助他们创造更美好的居家生活。我们的经验理念通过旗下多个行业品牌变成了现实,这些品牌包括高仪,美标,伊奈、骊住橱柜、骊住整体卫浴及通世泰等。骊住集团在全球150多个国家和地区开展业务经营,员工总数约为75000人。我们的产品每天为全球十亿多消费者的生活带来便利,我们对此深感自豪。骊住集团株式会社(东京证券交易所股票代码:5938)是负责经营骊住旗下各大品牌业务的上市控股公司。 转载自美通社发布:

Dec 02, 2019
LIXIL Asia Continues its Partnership with The Asia Pacific Property Awards as a Headline Sponsor

Through its power brands American Standard and GROHE, LIXIL Asia continues to support the 2020- 21 Asia Pacific Property Awards as part of its three-year deal as Headline Sponsor from 2019 until 2022. 26th September 2019: The International Property Awards, first established in 1993, are open to residential and commercial property professionals from around the […]

Nov 05, 2018
Perfect Temperature Control from Start to Finish with TEMPTACION, the Auto Temperature Mixer Collection by American Standard

American Standard launches TEMPTACION, a collection of auto temperature mixers that ensure the correct balance of hot and cold water – to your preferred temperature- in the shower, for the safety and convenience of users. With the launch of its TEMPTACION Collection, American Standard brings the benefits of precision showering to more homes who can […]

Nov 05, 2018
Create the Perfect Shower with SPECTRA Shower Collection by American Standard

Innovative SPECTRA Shower Collection Presents First-to-Market Touch Technology for Custom Control Delivering total control over the showering experience, the new SPECTRA collection offers a comprehensive range of products for savvy homeowners to customize their shower space, all from American Standard. Ranging from convenient hand showers to fixed showerheads, the SPECTRA collection empowers the user with […]

Oct 03, 2018
More pleasure in your shower regardless of pressure with Genie by American Standard

Low water pressure is a reality in Asia Pacific either because of old, poorly-maintained infrastructure or the use of instant water heaters. While there are pressure boosting hand showers in the market, it is a challenge to find one with quality and style all at the same time, or even one that is gentle on […]

Oct 03, 2018
LIXIL’s Brands Receive 11 Good Design Awards in 2018

American Standard named among the Good Design Best 100 Tokyo, Japan – LIXIL Group Corporation (LIXIL), maker of pioneering water and housing products, announced that its brands LIXIL, American Standard, GROHE, and LIXIL Housing Research Institute have won a total of 11 Good Design Awards in 2018. American Standard’s Genie Hand Shower was named among […]

Oct 01, 2018
HygieneClean System by American Standard: No dirt. No stains. No bacteria. No worries.

In the bathroom, deadly E.coli strains may be lying in wait to infect babies & the elderly with fatal diarrhea. How safe is your bathroom? American Standard is committed to provide everyone- not just with beautiful and purposeful bathroom solutions, but with bathrooms that are safe, clean and hygienic. As the toilet can be a […]

Sep 14, 2018
Unveiling a New Brand, Raising Standards of Bathrooms

For more than 140 years, American Standard has transformed bathrooms with an extensive range of enduring and innovative bathroom solutions. Since 2016, the iconic brand has unveiled a new brand identity, symbolized by a new logo and brand values that denote the brand’s continued dedication to raise the standard of bathrooms amid its growing presence […]

Jul 26, 2018
UNICEF and LIXIL to “Make a Splash” and Help Bring Sanitation to Children Around the World

Tokyo, 26 July 2018 – UNICEF, the world’s leading children’s organization, and LIXIL, a maker of pioneering water and housing products, are coming together in a new partnership to help vulnerable children gain access to safe and clean toilets. The partnership, named “Make a Splash! Toilets for All”, will leverage the two organizations’ complementary strengths […]

Jul 16, 2018

Grand Winner of Dream SPALET Destination Competition 2018 Announced in Evening Fete. LIXIL, the global leader in sanitary fixtures and fittings, wrote a new page on shower toilet history as it catalyzed the convergence of Asia’s top architects and designers in Nagoya, Japan, for one singular experience: the LIXIL SPALET ICONIC TOUR. From July 12-13, […]

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