Aug 27, 2019
A shower for every personality

Ever had a bad shower, and felt really unsatisfied by the experience? Perhaps because the water pressure was just not right, or the jets of water were too sparse? Or perhaps the water temperature kept fluctuating so you kept either getting a cold shock or scalded? Chances are, different aspects of a shower experience will […]

Aug 05, 2019
4 Innovative Touches for a Rejuvenating Bathroom Experience

The home is a welcoming oasis that offers respite from the harried pace of life. Also, the simple and practical act of taking a shower can be imbued with comfort and relaxation — with the right selection of smart shower solutions. Now, take shower time to the next level with innovative touches, designed to restore, […]

Apr 12, 2019
4 Rules to Ace Timeless Home Decor

While urbanites are on the constant hunt for the latest status purse, or perennially upgrade their gadgets for the snazziest model, a beautifully designed home should always stand the test of time. After all, what most homeowners desire is fairly straightforward – an uncluttered house that spells modern elegance, but classic enough so it doesn’t […]

Apr 10, 2019
Spring into a New Season with a Bathroom Refresh

What comes to mind when you think of Spring? Fresh greenery, colorful flowers, nature and lots of warm sunshine? This sense of new energy and vibrancy is something you will appreciate daily, and thus an ideal inspiration for your home decor. One of the most often overlooked spaces in the home is also possibly one […]

Mar 08, 2019
Take your bathroom into the future with these 4 smart features

These days, it’s no surprise how smart home technology has increasingly become the latest obsession of any modern homeowner, especially given the growing accessibility to things like smart lights, smart doorbells, smart video surveillance and the latest Google Home systems, which have all proven to instantly elevate our lifestyle. So it’s only natural that this […]

Mar 07, 2019
5 Timeless and Trendy House Design Elements

No thanks to the busy lives we lead – as we hustle to get through our hectic schedules and barely set aside any “me time” – our homes naturally need to be a sanctuary of peace and quiet at the end of a manic work day. And nothing whispers “calm” and “comfort” better than a […]

Feb 25, 2019
Transform Your Bathroom into a Romantic Sanctuary

Anyone would agree that most of us lead busy, stress-filled lives, and we could all use some relaxation and self-pampering. Unfortunately, the reality is that it’s not always possible to squeeze a getaway into our hectic schedules. So if you’ve decided against the expensive vacation, why not bring that signature resort feel to your own […]

Nov 07, 2018
Is Your Bathroom Really As Clean As You Think?

Visiting the bathroom is an everyday matter and being careless about bathroom hygiene may be hazardous to health. From the bacteria lurking on door knobs, basins to the toilet interior and seat itself, a bathroom visit can be quite a hygienic challenge – and falling sick is never fun. Dangerous strains of bacteria such as […]

Sep 07, 2018
5 Unpredictable Toilet Situations People Get Themselves Into

Toilet humor might be staple material for less creative comics, but awkward situations in the bathroom are usually anything but funny in reality. Say hello to the next era of derrière self-care: American Standard leverages on over 50 years of shower toilet expertise from one of LIXIL’s portfolio of brands – INAX, offering a range […]

Sep 07, 2018
The New Standard of Bathroom Safety

In today’s digital world, technology touches all aspects of life – even our bathrooms. With the automation of homes, smart toilets have become increasingly common. But by having electrical components in the bathroom, one may wonder: is it safe? A history of safe shower toilets Safety is at the heart of American Standard. Upholding impeccable […]

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